The not the greatest WordPress.com site in all the land!

10 Reasons Why My Blog Isn’t Good Friends with Google

If you are like me and have just started Just another WordPress.com blog, you were really excited about where this blog was going in your first post on fruit pectin. Dude!! You just got indexed on Google. That must mean that your blog and Google just hooked up. Not really…


These 10 things may be keeping you from hooking up with Google  Fix them and maybe you will make it to second… even third base. 

1. Originality

If your says…


The greatest WordPress site in all the land!

You can probably count the number of people that are going to ride your headline, including your mom.

Case in point

Everyone knows that losing 10 pounds in a week is impossible. But the only point in having a site to lose 10 pounds in a week is to have your readers believe.

Your blog is the best.

So, is everyone else’s blog.

Originality is the only way you can escape being just another WordPress blog.

Google hooks up with blogs that have originality.

 2. No original photos

As you’ve probably noticed, (my honorable reader) I don’t have any photos on my site.

It’s important to have photos on your site.

Google likes you more with photos of yourself.

 3. Default “About” page

Google likes you more when you write about yourself.

 4. Clothes don’t match

After writing my first post I jumped on current events and wrote what I think about the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Then, my last post on fruit pectin fell clean off the radar. And I was sitting in the dark thinking. Why?

Maybe Google doesn’t like it when your clothes don’t match. That’s not what I heard.

But then again, I could be wrong.

It may be time to write about the same thing over and over and …

5. Writing is sub-par

The fact that my writing is subpar is the main reason I started blogging.

With a blog, I can brush up on my writing.

Nothing wrong with that. (Focus)

6. Not enough words

It was Friday the 13th and I had the darnedest time figuring what to write about.

Those where the last 300 words that I wrote before writing this post-.

Maybe Google likes you more if you are more than 300 words long.

7. No readers

When just starting out one of the things you have to face is… no readers.

If you had more readers, maybe Google would consider staying together.

8. No identity

I have not revealed any sensitive personal information about myself.

I hope there isn’t a day that requires you to punch in your government issued id number to make a blog post.

That would be anarchy. Wouldn’t it?

9. Not social

Being social lets Google know you know how to hold up a conversation with other people.

Before hooking up with you it needs to know you are social-able enough for it.

After all, Google plus has been out for some time now.

10. Links

You need more finger pointing at your blog.

Links tell Google that people are pointing at your site saying


I recommend this site to you

Just how many links.

A few




Google like you more the more links you have going to your blog.

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