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Friday The 13th: Just Another Day That Feels Like Halloween

When you got up this morning you were probably thinking, “Today is Friday the 13th.” For what it is worth, it may seem like any other day but recently I thought to make a note that it can be thought as Halloween. Halloween in September.


Why Friday… the 13th?

Some studies say that it is bad for your health. And so is any other superstition.

Since ancient times people have been worried about 6 and 13 on dates that come at least once a year. American’s have the superstition that they are unlucky.

Since when?

If it weren’t for the 1980 film Friday the 13th most people would be oblivious of this date.

Mark your calendars, the Templars said. Something special is going to happen.



Halloween… 2-4 times a year

Why not?

If the Mad Hatter can celebrate un-birthdays every day of the week, there shouldn’t be a force in existence to stop you from making the 13th on Fridays an excuse to dress up and have a ball.

I’m calling you out.

Yes, you.


Put on your cat face and make history. Anyone participating in this days Halloween, please make record in the comments.

Happy un-Halloween!!!

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