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2020 Olympics in Tokyo? Why You Should By Your Tickets Now


Everyone is talking about why the Olympics should or should not be held in Tokyo. For whatever it is worth, you should buy your tickets now because…


It’s official!!

Maybe that was a little overboard but I can’t stress how important buying your tickets now is if you want to avoid train cramming situations in one the most overcrowded cities in the world.


They’re building it for you

The new Olympic stadium is going to be huge.

When I say huge, I mean you can fit a whole stadium in it. In all actuality, that’s what it is going to be. A stadium within a stadium.

The new British-design Olympic stadium costing around 1 billion dollars is going to be built around the stadium used in the 1964 Summer Olympic Games. I’ve seen picture. It looks like an alien mothership landed dead spot in Tokyo.


You and 80k other people

The new stadium for the 2020 Games is said to be built to seat up to 800,000 people. That’s the same amount as the Olympic Stadium in London but not as much as they were able to fit in Beijing National Stadium, 91k people (11,000 more than the built capacity).

I wouldn’t advise you to buy yourself a ticket to Japan the week before the Olympics if you want to get too see anything.

It may be a little less than seven years ahead but I suggest you plan on how you are going to make the 2020 Olympics starting now.

After all, you don’t want to be one of the 11k extra people cramming into the stadium.

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