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Fruit Pectin: Fruits Super-Duper High In Pectin Content


Fruits serve as an abundant source of pectin. There are high pectin fruits and low pectin fruits. Here are the ones that are especially high in pectin content.


Apples are one of the best sources of natural pectin this are, right next to citrus rinds, and cranberries.

The skin of apples is particular high in pectin. Eating an apple whole gives you 15 percent of the fiber you need daily.

Eating apples daily gives the benefits of pectin in your diet such as lower cholesterol, blood sugar control, and may act as a preventative measure against certain types of cancer. Apple pectin acts as a flora helper that is said to reduce the number of bad bacteria in your gut while increase the amount of good bacteria that aid in nutrient absorption during digestion.

Supplements for apple pectin exist. However, getting pectin from actually eating apples is preferred. Making sure that you are drinking enough water while taking pectin is dire. Failing to hydrate your body adjusting for increases in pectin intake may have a negative effect on your digestive system.

Special care need to be taken when increasing your intake of apple pectin as it may affect the rate at which medication is absorbed into your body.

Citrus fruit

There is a reason why you can get away with making marmalade with having to add pectin.

Citrus peels or rinds in addition to unripe fruit are already rich in pectin.

Grapefruits are an example of a citrus fruit high in pectin. The reason why it may be favored over other fruits is mainly due to the size of its pith.

Pith is the white layer underneath the peal protecting the fruit inside.

To increase pectin intake in your diet eating grapefruit, try to leave as much pith as possible before eating.

Eating grapefruit with a spoon after cutting in half is a good example of how to eat a grapefruit to maximize on pectin. As you scrape the inner walls of the grapefruit pectin gets in your spoon.


Cranberries are not only good for you but also high in pectin.

The reason why cranberry sauce comes out of a can without falling apart is because of cranberry pectin.

Pectin acts as an adhesive hold the molecular structure of your cranberry sauce together.

It also has a jelling effect inside your body. When it passes through your digestive tract it sweeps up lose food that your body hasn’t absorbed yet. Then, it gets eaten by your gut flora, particularly good bacteria that aid in nutrient absorption.

Pectin has nowhere to go but out.

The fact of the matter is that your body needs pectin or other forms of dietary fiber to help push food through your digestive system.

Crab apples

Crab apples my not be the preferred type of apple that you want to eat for breakfast but it is high in pectin making it great for making sauces and jam.

Heating crab apples and filtering out pectin is one way to make your own pectin.

Pectin from crabapples helps you make jam from fruits low in pectin.

Due to the fact that they are seldom eaten as is, crabapples are a no-brainer when it comes to natural pectin.

After all, what else are you going to use them for?

Crab apple pectin.

That’s what I thought.


The skin of grapes acts as a good source of natural pectin.

For grape varieties that are eaten without the skin. Saving your grapes (skin) is one way to stock up on pectin that you can then use to make jam or use in cooking to increase your pectin intake.

The fact that grapes are so high in pectin is why you can make grape jam without have to add any from other sources.


Green gooseberries are an excellent source of fruit pectin.

Making gooseberry jam is possible without adding pectin.

Pectin from gooseberries can be used to make other jams.


Quinces are great for making jam because they are high in pectin.

At first glance you may not know what to do with them.

Just remember, when you see a quince that you can turn it into jam.


It is impossible to make plum jam without pectin. That is you are going to need to stop throwing away those skins.

Plum skin contains huge amounts of pectin.

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